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 An earthing system (UK and IEC) or grounding system (US) connects specific parts of an electric power system with the ground, typically the Earth's conductive surface, for safety and functional purposes. Normal imbalances in the circuit would create small equipment to ground voltages, a failure of the neutral conductor or connections would allow the equipment to go to full 120 volts to ground, an easily lethal situation. The PEN must be suitably reinforced against failure, as an open circuit PEN can impress full phase voltage on any exposed metal connected to the system earth downstream of the break. The alternative is to provide a local earth and convert to TT. In a TT (Latin: terra-terra) earthing system, the protective earth connection for the consumer is provided by a local earth electrode, (sometimes referred to as the Terra-Firma connection) and there is another independently installed at the generator. The main attraction of a TN network is the low impedance earth path allo

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Berawal dari atensi dalam pengembangan usaha kecil menengah, Konveksi Solo berupaya buat memberanikan diri berkecimpung lebih dalam lagi di dunia konveksi paling utama diwilayah konveksi Solo serta jasa sablon. Dalam ekspedisi usaha sampai dikala ini, kami sudah berupaya membagikan hasil yang terbaik serta optimal demi kepuasan pelanggan kami. Kami berupaya buat membagikan anjuran serta pemecahan atas permintaan segala customer/ client kami dalam menciptakan sesuatu produk yang bermutu.